Welcome to the Wild Cat Conservation Centre

Our vision is to create a long-term future for the world’s wild cat species

Our mission:

To ensure a future for the world’s 40 wild cat species and their dwindling habitat.

To protect, study and conserve many of the smaller wild cat species.

To create awareness, while developing and strengthening our conservation breeding and research activities.


Ben Britton is the Director of the Wild Cat Conservation Centre in the beautiful Hawkesbury valley, one hour north west of Sydney, Australia. Our centre in Wilberforce focuses on the preservation and conservation of wild cats of the world, including the only conservation breeding program for Clouded Leopard and Cheetah in Sydney. With a strong focus on the plight of small cats and to improve our understanding of them.


Of the 40 cat species, 33 are considered small cats and many of these are threatened with a real lack of knowledge about their behaviour, biology and conservation.


Visitors to our centre can learn about our conservation breeding programs and research efforts to conserve these smaller though enigmatic wild cat species.

Private Tours

Private Tours of our centre can be arranged by appointment only, with bookings available from Wednesday through to Sunday each week. Our tours offer the unique opportunity to go behind the scenes of our conservation programs and learn about the work we are doing to conserve wild cats both here in Sydney and around the world, raising awareness of the plight and vulnerability of wild cat species.


Join us on our savanna, the largest cheetah habitat in Australia and see wild cats closer than ever before! Watch on as our cats exhibit a full range of behaviours right before your eyes, no crowds and no noise, just you and our cats!


This once in a lifetime experience provides the perfect opportunity for visitors to learn about our conservation efforts and how they can help us protect them!

Get Involved with a Cheetah

Get Involved

We are not government funded, we rely largely on donations and the support of the public and community via our independent not-for-profit foundation. Our Wild Cat Conservation Foundation is listed on the Department of Environment’s Register of Environmental Organisations. Every donation is tax deductible in Australia.

By making a tax deductible donation, you will help us create a future for wild cat species. All donations will help fund our vital conservation work.