Conservation Partners

We work closely with our international conservation partners to facilitate the rewilding and release of cats to the wild, as well as conserving remaining wild populations and their habitats


The Clouded Leopard Working Group (CLWG) is a well-organized network of conservation partners committed to safeguarding the clouded leopard, Asiatic golden cat, marbled cat, and their respective habitats across a vast stretch from Nepal to Vietnam within mainland Asia. Our mission is driven by the strong dedication to ensure the continued existence of these wonderful cat species and the protection of their vital ecosystems.


CLWG acknowledges that conservation is as much a social science as it is an ecological one. We understand that to effectively reduce threats to these small cats, other wildlife and their habitats, we must work together with people and empower communities to become champions of biodiversity protection. In brief, CLWG’s mission is a harmonious balance of ecological stewardship and community engagement, working hand in hand to ensure a future where clouded leopards, Asiatic golden cats, marbled cats and their habitats flourish in the mainland Asia’s natural heritage.



The Cheetah Metapopulation Project was established in 2011 to ensure the genetic and demographic integrity of the cheetah metapopulation by coordinating translocations between participating reserves and increasing resident range through reintroductions into the species historical range. The metapopulation comprises of over 500 cheetah on 75 reserves across 5 countries.


The objective of the project is to maintain a growing population of wild cheetah. With the aim to maintain the genetic and demographic integrity of Southern Africa’s remaining cheetah population by implementing a well-managed metapopulation approach.

The program is therefore operated in a way that is directly saving the species in the wild.



WeWild Africa was founded in 2019 by veteran conservation experts with 100+ years collective experience in wildlife conservation in Africa. We have worked in some of the most challenging places and situations in the world, with a never-give-up mindset. Through partnerships with key stakeholders and committed organizations and reserves, WeWild Africa is able to make decisions quickly and provide seemingly impossible solutions. Since 2019 the organization has directly impacted over 900 animals through rescue or rewilding.



Set on 6000ha of prime malaria-free bushveld, Mziki Private Game Reserve is home to four of the “Big Five, and over 50 species of mammals and 372 species of birds. Beautiful, varied and relatively undisturbed Sandy Bushveld on the Hex River 23 km southeast of the Pilanesberg National Park. Mziki is part of the larger Vaalkop Nature Reserve.


Mziki participates in the Cheetah Metapopulation Project and is home to rewilded cheetah from the Wild Cat Conservation Centre.