Open Days

On a few special days each year we open the centre to allow for visitors to relax and spend an entire morning learning about our conservation work!

Experience a unique opportunity to spend a morning like no other at the Wild Cat Conservation Centre. Learn all about our critical conservation efforts here in Australia and around the world and get up close to some of the world’s most incredible wild cat species, all in one day!


You’ll encounter clouded leopards, as well as cheetahs, servals, and caracals. Witness the ground-breaking efforts of our cheetah conservation breeding program, the only one of its kind in Sydney, offering a glimpse of these animals in a truly wild-like state.


During our Open Days, you’ll have ample time to observe each of our unique cat species up close. Learn about the work we are doing here at the centre and around the world to assist in the conservation of wild cat species.


At the completion of your guided tour, you will relax in our picnic area. There, you’ll receive a personalised talk by our Director and Founder, Ben Britton. Hear first-hand about the inspiring background of our centre and the ongoing conservation efforts we undertake both in Australia and overseas.


To ensure an intimate and focused experience, our Open Days are strictly limited to only 20 guests, with a minimum age requirement of 14 years. You’ll have the privilege of spending 2 hours at our centre, from 10am to 12noon!


Mark your calendar for these days, held annually on the following dates or on the closest weekend date to each:


  • WCCC Cheetah Fundraiser – March 31st
  • WCCC Small Cat Fundraiser – May TBC
  • International Clouded Leopard Day – August 4th
  • World Animal Day – October 4th
  • International Cheetah Day – December 4th



Please read all T&C’s prior to your arrival to ensure your tour proceeds as planned.


$135 per person


2 hours


Our open days are limited to a maximum of 20 guests


For people 14 years and over.
Covered shoes must be worn.
Read our full terms and conditions