What is your address?

As we are open strictly by appointment, we do not advertise or provide our address until a booking is made and confirmed.

Do we need to book a tour?

Yes. All of our tours are pre-booked. Private tours are available Wednesday to Sunday each week, with only two tours a day, a morning and afternoon tour. Our weekends are most popular and often book 4 to 6 weeks in advance.

How do I book a tour?

All bookings are done via email, not over the phone. Please email us at info@wildcatcentre.org.au for all booking enquiries.

Can children visit the centre?

We have a strict age limit of 16 years due to the nature of our centre and the tours that we offer. No age exceptions are provided.

Do you keep lions or tigers?

No. Although our staff have worked with many big cats over the years, including raising cubs for other institutions, we do not house or have any plans to house lions or tigers.

The only work we carry out with lions is via Mashatu Research in Botswana, as part of an ongoing geo-spatial movement study.

Do you offer mobile displays or outreach programs?

No. Previously our company was known as Wild Animal Encounters, and our activities included educational and outreach programs. As our focus over the last few years moved more and more to our work with wild cats, we changed the nature and name of our company and no longer offer this service.

Can I cuddle and play with your cats?

No. We do not allow members of the public to play and cuddle our cats. Each day our cats are allowed to come out of their habitats for walks around our sanctuary. These enrichment walks extends our cats lives beyond their enclosures and provide our cats with unparalleled stimulation and physical as well as mental enrichment. Guests are allowed to join our staff and cats on these walks, though it is the cats time and we are merely guests on the cats walk. No public interaction, patting, cuddling or photo opportunities with guests and our cats is guaranteed. Our private tours are designed as an insight into the lives of wild cats and our conservation work in Botswana, they are not paid photo opportunities.