Leave a gift in your Will

A lasting gift in your Will.


The Wild Cat Conservation Foundation is involved in a wide range of conservation activities in Australia and globally and makes a significant contribution to reverse the decline of endangered species. From our conservation breeding programs at our centre in Wilberforce NSW, to our ongoing work in Botswana with Mashatu Research.


Leaving a gift in your Will to our foundation is one of the most significant ways to help those animals that need it most. Whether large or small, your donation will positively impact towards a brighter shared future for wildlife and people.


How to leave a gift in your Will


A bequest is an instruction in your Will to leave a gift (money, property or other asset) to a specific person, organisation or charity. Your Will is an important document that must be properly prepared and executed and we recommend that you seek legal advice when writing or updating your Will to ensure that your wishes are met.


After your loved ones are provided for, you may want to consider leaving a gift to the Wild Cat Conservation Foundation.


There are several types of bequests, which include:

  • Residuary: The remainder of your estate
  • Percentage: A percentage of your estate
  • Pecuniary: A fixed cash amount
  • A specific asset: A fixed asset such as shares, real estate or other particular items of value
  • Alternate: in the event that your Executor is unable to distribute some part of your estate (for example if a nominated beneficiary predeceases you).


Once you have decided on the type of gift you would like to leave the next steps are:

  • Consult a solicitor
  • Make your Will or update it. A codicil can be added to your existing Will noting the change (This can be done via written/email exchange and signing the amendment at the solicitor).
  • Include in your Will the type of gift you wish to give to charity.


For more information


If you would like discuss your wishes or have any further questions please contact us or email info@wildcatcentre.com.au