Twilight Tours

Experience our wild cats like never before!

Twilight is a magical time of day and one of the best times to view our amazing wild cats. In particular our amazing clouded leopards that are masters of the night!

An exclusive tour option for a maximum of 2 guests.


Arriving on site you will join our staff for a late afternoon enrichment walk with one of our servals, as a crepuscular species this is when they are most active. Walking through our savanna in the late afternoon light as our serval hunt for insects in the African love grass only metres away from you.


Following your walk you will begin a guided tour of our conservation centre, visiting all of our wild cat habitats including cheetah and caracals before finishing the tour at our clouded leopards. As the sun starts to set and our eyes adjust to the night light watch on as our clouded leopards emerge and begin to investigate their treetop habitat, watching on from our purpose built viewing platform.


Complimentary light refreshments and drinks will be provided on our exclusive clouded leopard viewing platform as we complete the evening and tour under lights. A once in a lifetime experience!


$580 for 2 people


Single guests can book this tour though will pay 2 person price


6pm to 7.30pm – Thursday to Saturday



90 minutes


1 to 2 people

Min. 1 person

Max. 2 people


For ages 16 to 70yrs.
Certain fitness level required.
Covered shoes must be worn.
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